Learning, pointing, rambling …

Learning… that some blogs have unmoderated comments!!! and when wordpress asks for your name (when I wanted to post my first comment) it means your username, not necessarily your real name … doh!

Pointing… to a great post from David Lee King, Presentation Tips; I’ve been doing some off-the-cuff “presentations” recently and I know that they could be better, less “waffle”, more concise … much of this comes down to some dedicated preparation time; I am also preparing to conduct some training over the next few weeks via a fairly new-to-me mechanism, so this is really timely.

Rambling… on a wet (almost 70mm in a day, or almost 3 inches (to be universal)), windy (65 km/h, gusting to 90, (40 m/h gusting to 55-ish)) and generally stay at home sort of day in Newcastle after a teasing, tantalising taste of Spring on Sept 1 and 2.  My GCC steps have suffered badly in the last week and our dog, Neo, is letting me know that we are falling sadly short of our average, but its no fun walking when you need to lean into the wind (feels like the upper bod is well ahead of the feet :}. I don’t mind the drenching, especially when there’s a hot shower and a cup of hot chocolate (perhaps with a shot of Frangelico in it, or peppermint schnapps, a recent discovery … mmmm) at the end of it.  I know that there are several places that are copping it weather-wise at the moment, so keep safe …

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